Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Watch Naruto Online

Finding a website where you can watch Naruto online was once a challenge but with TailedFox you can watch all you want. The streaming video is very clear and allows you to enjoy your favorite anime with English subtitles. If you are new to Naruto and want to start from the first show then you can do so easily. Not many websites have a library of all the past Naruto shows for you to watch but there are some like the one at Tailed Fox. All you have to do is click on the right side of the site and scroll down to the show you want to watch. If you have kept up to date with the shows then the most recent one will be displayed in the middle of the site where you can easily click the "play" button and begin enjoying your favorite anime show!

There are hundreds of past Naruto episodes to watch so it is very simple to pick up where you left off, start new, or simply re-watch your favorite episode. This is outstanding for all Naruto fans because all of the episodes are right at your fingertips. When you are not watching the newest episode you may chat on the website with other Naruto fans about what is going on in the show or any other Naruto topic.

There is a poll for you to vote for what you would like to see. Naruto music, an arcade, or images are the three things you may vote for and currently Naruto music is winning.

You will also find Naruto inspired products. This includes action figures, clothes, Nintendo skins, and more. Watching Naruto on the web is easy because all the episodes are available to watch whenever you want and the newest episodes are uploaded as soon as they become available. If you are a Naruto fan or if you like anime consider watching the episodes online. It makes seeing all the episodes much easier and you can fit it into your schedule.

Naruto -- Not Just Another Comic Story

Naruto is one of the most popular manga and anime series around. It features a young boy, Naruto, whose body actually contains the spirit of a fearsome nine-tailed fox that had been terrorizing his village some twelve years earlier. At that time, this nasty fox was captured and its spirit was sealed in the body of a baby boy (our Naruto).

Jump ahead twelve years and you've got the star of the story, now a mischievous and hyperactive young ninja with great aspirations. Both Naruto anime (animated television shows) and manga (the comic book series) go through episodes of high-flung adventures battling monsters, other ninjas and, last but not least, doing ninja exams.

Both the manga and anime series have spawned numerous fan sites and forums, with all manner of products available online (screen savers, online games, etc.) and for sale (apparel, DVDs, and more). But what lies behind this popular series is an interesting fact: the story of Naruto is based solidly on traditional Japanese culture.

Author and artist Masashi Kishimoto was born in Japan in 1974 and it is an area very rich in history. Kishimoto won Shonen Jump magazine's Hop Step Award for new manga artists with his manga Karakuri, but he didn't stop there. His first Naruto version was a story of fox spirits and the story grew. It fast became a most popular ninja manga, in fact one of the most popular in Japan.

What may have escaped some western Naruto fans is the interesting story of the fox. Fox myths abound in Japanese culture, dating back as far as the fifth century B.C. Stories portray foxes as intelligent beings possessing magical abilities which increase as they age and gain wisdom. One of their tricks is their ability to shape-shift and sometimes they take on the form of a human. Some tales have them tricking others by changing into human form while others describe them as friends or guardians or even wives.

A kitsune (the Japanese word for fox) can have up to nine tails, as did the evil fox in Naruto's past. And from the older stories, it seems that the more tails he has, the more powerful he is. Most folk tales state that a fox will grow more tails only after it's lived for one thousand years.

Interestingly, Japanese folklore originally portrayed the fox as having only good attributes, and their evil and mischievous traits came in with Chinese and Korean folk tales. Some consider the kitsune as a deity and they will make offerings to them. There are quite a few tales about kitsune, both good and evil, with foxes shape-shifting into human form (a skill they only acquire after the age of 100) and then covertly living as part of a family until finally being discovered (they often seem to have trouble hiding their tails when assuming human form!).

A common belief is that foxes will impersonate beautiful women. Early in Japan's history, it was thought that any woman alone, particularly at night, could actually be a fox. Other stories tell of fox spirits inhabiting humans: there is even a word, Kitsunetsuki, which means "the state of being possessed by a fox." It's been said that humans possessed by fox spirits tend to go mad and run naked through the streets, among other things.

However, our Naruto isn't evil or nasty. It's easy to see, though, how he gets away with so much mischief. A popular and adventurous story, it will be that way for generations to come.

With Sharingan Contact Lenses You To can Join The Uchiha Clan

In the popular anime series, Naruto, the Uchiha clan has an unusual eye condition known as Sharingan. Translated as copy wheel eye or mirror wheel eye, the Uchiha's eye consist of several pupils. These pupils help assist them in their special ninja abilities, known as jutsu. Characters that possess Sharingan include: Sasuke Uchiha, Itachi Uchiha, Kakashi Hatake and Tobi. Kakashi Hatake is the only character who was not born with Sharingan eyes; he received them through an eye transplant. Well, due to the wonder of Sharingan contact lenses, people in real life can achieve the unique look so popular in the Naruto series.

The appearance of Sharingan contact lenses depends on the character one is trying to emulate. The Sharingan contacts for Sasuke Uchiha consist of a red iris, two fake pupils which revolve around the real pupil and little lines on the top and bottom of the lens. Kakashi Hatake's Sharingan contacts are more elaborate than Sasuke's. They have a red iris and three fake pupils submerged in a circular sea of black and white small lines. The lines and the pupils revolve around the real pupil. Itachi Uchiha's Sharingan contacts come in two varieties: one with a blue iris, and the other with a white iris. Both are designed the same way with three fake pupils and small black lines revolving around a real pupil. Alternatively, there is a Itachi Uhciha Sharigan sclera contact, meaning it covers the whole eye. This contact has a red iris instead of a white or blue one; the pupils and lines are still the same design. At the moment no Sharigan contacts exist for the Tobi Naruto character.

The best place to buy Sharingan contacts are from, an online retailer specializing in special effects contact lenses. This site requires that a person provides a current prescription before they purchase any of their merchandise. This is even the case for individuals seeking plano lenses, which do not correct the vision. While having to provide a prescription may seem annoying, it can actually help in preventing future problems with the contacts, since contacts that don't fit well can ruin one's eyes. In fact, if were to sell their contacts without a prescription, not only would they be putting the health of their customers at risk, but they would also be breaking the law.

If one wants to look like a Uchiha Naruto anime character, they can through Sharingan contact lenses. There are Sharingan contact lenses available for Sasuke Uchiha, Itachi Uchiha and Kakashi Hatake. Nothing exists for Tobi, but a person can have enough fun with the lenses styled from the characters that are available. To buy any of these lenses one can visit, as long as they have a valid prescription from a licensed optometrist. Indeed, Sharingan contact lenses are the perfect solution for someone looking to stand out at any costume party or trick-or-treat jaunt.